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Get Cozy in Boho-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofas

Get Cozy in Boho-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofas

Title: Get Cozy in Boho-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofas


Putting in the design elements of your living space requires balance between comfort, function, and style. Your living space is a place where you will spend your waking hours to work, play with kids, relax, decompress after a long day, and entertain family and friends. So, you naturally want furniture that are comfortable, beautiful, and can withstand wear and tear, and Middle Eastern style Majlis floor sofas are definitely options you should consider. With great boho-Arabic styles and exotic and colorful design, you will cheer up the room without being too flashy or busy like animal prints. Plus, this style oriental floor sofa is easy to upscale or downscale, depending on your current taste.


The principle of interior design for living rooms is not just to make the room beautiful but also to make it functional and inviting. The Middle Eastern style Majlis floor sofa is all of that—beautiful, functional, and inviting. Arabic style Majlis seating adds coziness to a room while the colors and print pop up nicely to make a great centerpiece in a room. As mentioned before, with the floor sofa as your piece de resistance, you can upscale or downscale depending on your current taste and budget.


Upscaling Boho-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofa

Upscaling your living space in Boho-Middle Eastern Style requires adding other bohemian style elements such as mirrors with a Moroccan motif, colorful throws, and pillows. These elements tie up your upscaled style. They add uniformity and cohesion to the eclectic-boho design you want with the sofa as your center piece.


Downscaling or Minimalist-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofa

Minimalism does not mean bare or spartan style. The minimalist principle in interior design is to create a space that’s beautiful, spacious, organized, and emphasize tidiness with clean lines. The oriental floor sofa in a minimalist home may seem unthinkable, but it can work if the basic principle is followed, by using the sofa as the central theme and adding only a few pieces with subtler colors and clean lines. A bright red floor sofa would pop up as cozy and inviting with white walls and floors as backdrop; add a few stainless-steel pieces or silver lamps, and white or silver vases or glass bowls. Just make sure each piece goes with the minimalist theme and remains functional or even multifunctional.


Majlis floor sofas are cozy and versatile—adaptable to different design concepts. They can be tied to different designs that express your style. They are also comfortable and emanate inviting warmth to the living space.