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Many of us spend the majority of our time sitting in chairs or on sofas. In fact, you're probably sitting in one right now. However, some people prefer to sit on the floor. Maybe because it is already a part of their daily routine.  Sitting on the floor is very common in many cultures around the world. In some cultures, for example, it is customary to eat while sitting on the floor. While others prefer to sit on the floor because of its sta
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The Multifunctional Arabic Majlis Seating
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Arabic majlis sofa gives your living room a comfortable feel. If you want to add a mystical element to the room, the Arabic majlis seating with oriental finishing gives the room a spacious feel, as well as provides your guests with an inviting aura.
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Tips on How to Create a Moroccan-Boho Vibe in Your Space with Arabic Majlis Seating
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Get Cozy in Boho-Middle Eastern Style with Majlis Floor Sofas