Tips on How to Create a Moroccan-Boho Vibe in Your Space with Arabic Majlis Seating

Tips on How to Create a Moroccan-Boho Vibe in Your Space with Arabic Majlis Seating

After spreading your wings and exploring the world, you want to bring the world to your own home. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, the byproduct is bringing your explorations home. And if you’ve been to Morocco, you definitely want to replicate or infuse a part of your living space with the Bohemian vibe. It is easy starting with the famous Arabic majlis seating.


Creating A Moroccan-Boho Vibe in Your Home


  1. The philosophy behind the Bohemian style is relaxing in a comfortable environment, leaving the care of the world behind. Low level furniture such as floor cushions or Arabic majlis are perfect for this. They are comfortable and anyone can instantly lay back, chill and forget their worries.
  2. Most Arabic majlis seats are made with colorful fabrics and choices of prints. You can pair the floor sofas with plain colored cushions or pillows, or even more color depending on your taste, maxi- or minimalism. Additional floor cushions and pillows will allow for more seating, giving an inviting feel to the space.
  3. Tie the look in by bringing in the greens. Plants are an essential part of boho style. The freshness of the color green provides the experience of nature, indoors. Vases with fresh cut leaves and ornamental indoor plants are great additions to Boho style whether you are going for minimalist or maximalist.
  4. Inject a few metallic pieces such as a Moroccan metallic tea sets or mirror/s with metal frames as well as copper or pewter basins and jars. Boho style is eclectic, so it basically incorporates elements that you feel express your free spirit and what relaxes or comforts you, i.e. metal tea set—how much did the mint tea in Morocco refresh and relax you.
  5. Layer floors with colorful and exotic rugs and carpets. Rugs and carpets are part of a Bohemian look with roots from the Bedouins, who used them to set up their living spaces in tents in the desert. They are great to tie up the look with the floor sofa and cushions.


The Moroccan-Bohemian style principle is building on the items or elements that tell of your story, your travels, and your adventures. Even though it is eclectic, all the items have a purpose and evoke a feeling of comfort and belonging. It is free flowing with no rigidity.

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