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Amazing Health Benefits Of Floor Sitting That You Never Knew!

Amazing Health Benefits Of Floor Sitting That You Never Knew!


1. It promotes longer life expectancy.

Did you know that sitting on the floor can help you live longer? According to some studies,  it is shown that being able to sit and rise from the floor without assistance strongly correlates with a longer life expectancy. However, if a person struggles to get up while sitting, his or her risk of death over the next 6 years is 6.5 times higher than that of others who can get up without much effort while sitting.

Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

2. It encourages natural stability.

Having trouble correcting your body posture? Sitting on the floor also helps in improving one’s body posture. This posture is vital for keeping you stable and fit. When we sit on the floor, our body alignment adjusts naturally, with our back upright, spine expanded, and shoulders pushed back, relieving all of the common pains and aches caused by poor posture. Aside from that, sitting on the floor also promotes musculoskeletal fitness.

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

3. It enables you to relieve body aches and pains.

Are you aware that long periods of sitting in a chair can cause your hips to tighten and stiffen? It's time for you to add floor sitting into your daily routine. Sitting on the floor, on the other hand, allows you to easily stretch your leg muscles.

4. It increases flexibility, mobility, and muscle activity.

Aside from relieving your body's aches and pains, seated positions stretch your hips, pelvis, spine, and legs, promoting natural flexibility in movement. As you actively stretch your muscles while sitting on the floor, you begin to improve your mobility as well.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

5. It relaxes the mind and soothes the nerves.

Healthy body, healthy mind. It is believed that floor sitting can help to keep the body and mind at peace. It is important to note that a peaceful mind is needed as well for proper digestion.

Photo by Victoria Naumenko on Unsplash

6. It prevents weight gain.  

Overeating is the most common cause of weight gain. When we fail to recognize when we are full, we tend to overeat. This is due to the vagus nerve's inability to perform its function properly. This is the nerve that sends signals to our brain indicating whether we are full or not. Sitting on the floor while eating allows this nerve to function more efficiently. As a result, you do not overeat. As a result, it keeps you from gaining weight.

7. It improves blood circulation and makes the heart stronger. 

Sitting cross-legged increases blood supply in our bodies by relaxing the muscles and relieving pressure on them. This strengthens your heart while also improving blood circulation. This is the perfect time to transform your standard chair set into an Arabic-style majlis floor sofa, an excellent choice for experiencing the astonishing health benefits of floor seating.