How to care your kilim rugs

How to care your kilim rugs

Extra care should be taken to clean the rugs, which are more sensitive textile products than carpets. How is the rug washed?

Rugs are more sensitive than carpets, therefore it's really important to be very careful in order to prevent any unwanted damage while they are in use. Care should also be taken to clean it. Since many rugs are dyed with root dyes, the rug can be damaged in an ordinary cleaning manner.

Rugs dyed with root paint should not be washed without using color stabilizer. Rugs with silk blends or silk will be greatly damaged if washed with normal carpet washing shampoos.

Rug Washing

Sweep First

  • Rugs hold and trap dust and hair. Vacuum the carpet before washing it.

Choose the Right Cleaning Material

  • If you intend to use the carpet washing shampoos also on your kilim rugs, you should think twice. Because generally these products can damage your rugs. You should prefer natural cleaning products instead for cleaning your rugs.

Washing Stage

  • If you have a large balcony or garden, your job will be easier. Lay your rug on a flat surface. Damp the rug with the warm water that you have prepared and apply the detergent water by foaming it in the rug with a sponge or brush that's not too hard. You should be careful to do this with horizontal movements, not circular.
  • You can proceed to rinse with warm water. Then lay the rug on a flat surface to dry it, and when one surface dries, turn it over to other side. It will be good not to leave your rug in the sun too long in terms of keeping its color.

Good luck!

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