History of the Turkish handmade ceramics

History of the Turkish handmade ceramics

The beginning of tile art goes back to the earliest times when pottery was made and the soil started to be cultivated. This art has evolved with the existing technical knowledge, experience and skills of each civilization.The oldest pottery in history, believed are the ceramic samples that dating back to 9 thousand years ago was found in Çatalhöyük in Anatolia. It is assumed that the beginning of tiling art in the Turkish town of Iznik dates back to the middle of the 15th century. It reached its brightest period especially in the middle of the 16th century. Today, Iznik tiles, which rarely appear in auctions in Europe and America, are changing hands with very high values.

Iznik tiles were generally used in wall decoration in Ottoman palaces, mosques, fountains and tombs. Today, the most beautiful examples are seen in Topkapı Palace, Rüstem Pasha Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Kanuni and Eyup Sultan tombs in Bursa, Green Mosque Tomb and Edirne Muradiye Mosque.

Plants, animals, buildings, galleon motifs and supernatural symbols are often used on decorating the tiles.


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