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Health benefits of eating food while sitting on the floor

Health benefits of eating food while sitting on the floor

Health benefits of sitting and eating on the floor.

1. Yoga on the floor

You are doing kind of a yoga while eating your food on the floor. This sitting position (crossed-legged) is simple and easy, plus very beneficial for health.

This simple cross-legged sitting position is similar to Sukhasana, easy pose an asana practised in yoga. At this crossed-legged sitting position, your chest forward, your back straight, your legs crossed eachother.

Sitting crossed-legged in a good posture, relaxes both body and mind. It also prevents muscle fatigue, loosens your body.

In summary, if you seat and eat in Sukhasana (crossed-legged) position on a floor couch, you will be doing both yoga and healthy eating.

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2. Improves digestion

Sitting and eating on the floor sofas or floor couches helps your digestive system to work better. Eating in a sit-down position, willl allow more stomach acidity to be released by back and forth movement of stomach contraction. In this way, digestion is easier and healthier.

Eating on the floor, also allows you calm your mind and relaxes you with pressure on the lower spine. Muscles are relaxed and blood pressure is balanced.

According Ayurveda, all of these events helps digestion. The secret of a healthy body is the right nutrition and digestion.

3. Extends life

Sitting on the floor steadily, without leaning back, will extend your life.

According a study coducted in 2012 in the European cardiology journal, sitting on the floor without any support ensures a healthier and longer life. According the researches, sitting crossed-legged on the floor, gives body flexibility and strength.

If a person struggling to get up while sitting, the risk of death in the next 6 years is 6.5 more time greather than other people who can get up without much effort while sitting. This study was based on people aged 51-80 years.

4. Provides strength and flexibility

Sitting crossed-legged on the floor, strengthens your hips, knees, and ankles. At the same time provides flexibility on the spine, shoulders and the torso. This will make your body more flexible and stronger, so it will help preventing some certain diseases.

Also sitting on the chairs for hours will cause your muscles weaken and neck pain. Weak abdominal muscles and hip pains are just a few of the inconveniences caused by prolonged sitting on the chairs...

5. Good posture position

Proper posture reduces excessive pressure on some muscles and joints, especially on the back and neck. Sit crossed-legged on a flat floor while eating.

When you sit in Sukhasana position, sit with your back straight, shoulders behind and chest out. This sitting position will relieve your back aches by relaxing your neck and back.

On the other hand, if you spend your time sitting on an armchair or a chair due to your work duties, this can cause back pains. At least try to sit on the floor sometimes once you get chance.

6. Improves blood circulation

Preparing to eat is also useful for your circulatory system. There are differences between sitting on a floor couch or a chair. When you sit on the floor, the heart pumps blood more effectively to the body. You will also have a healthier heart, because sitting on the floor while eating will reduce the pressure on your heart.

The best blood circulation occurs through heart's better distribution of nutrients to the whole body. People with circulatory problems, will benefit sitting and eating on the floor.

7. Help you to loose weight

We talked about both spiritual and physical benefits of sitting and eating on the floor. A calm body and mental health will make you eat less.

The meal that you eat while sitting on the floor provides a better transmisson to the brain through vagus nerves. The vagus nerve works better and transmits the saturation signal to the brain.

Also, while you eat on the floor, you will eat slowly and as a result more signals will be send to the brain to prevent eating more. This is the best precautions for eating too much food, which is the biggest cause of your weight gain.

8. Encourage your family too

Changing a habit and eating your breakfast, launch or dinner with your family while sitting on the floor will promote a healthier connection between the members of the family.

When you sit down on the floor with same level of your children, you will have much closer bond and a natural chemistry with them.

If you care both your health and your family, it is useful try this method!